Friday, February 5, 2010

Writer Life Tip #1


Here's my tip to you: Invest in a good massage once a month.

As a writer you spend A LOT of time sitting in front of a keyboard. All that tension from the hours at the desk settle in your shoulders and creep down your arms. It's amazing how much the muscles can bear before you actually realize that you're doing damage.

A massage will help cure the muscle fatigue as well as move all of those toxins out of your muscles and into your blood stream- thus being able to be released. If you get a really, really, really good massage, you'll feel so relaxed, it's like you're drunk!

We have to take care of ourselves by eating well, getting exercise, and having a good emotional outlook on life. A massage will help with the last, although my massage guy tells me that after one of his massages, my body thinks I've run about 3 miles!

Have you ever had a massage? Too ticklish? Too shy?


SG Redling said...

Great tip! I'm just now realizing the damage I've been doing to myself. Especially during these harsh winter months, our bodies don't get to stretch and relax like they do in the baking, summer heat. I wonder if we can write massages off? ;-)

Ric said...

when they ask if I've got any problems, I say I'm working on a tricky plot line - the massage really does work - you just go with the flow and (unless you get a vicious masseause) by the time you're done, problem solved - or you're so relaxed, you don't care anymore.

Unknown said...

Shelia~ I think we SHOULD be able to write them off, but I doubt the government would agree.

Ric!! Hi there! So glad you found me here and stopped by. I have to do some rewrites today after my massage, so I'm hoping your "go with the flow" mentality helps. I doubt I'll be too relaxed to not care anymore since my massage guy and I constantly talk hockey throughout the massage!