Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hello! Hello? Anybody Out There?

Good day, or morning, or night, for that matter. I want to make you feel welcome to my new blog home.

I'm Kris Yankee, and I'll be your guide through this maze I like to call, Adventures Beyond the Pond. (I hear that last part in my head like this, "Addvennturessss Beyooond the Poooond"). I know; I'm crazy. You'll see that the more you visit.

But I'm not always crazy. You see, by day, I'm an editor at a small press in Northville, Michigan. We publish wonderful books with really great messages. I've worked on picture books, middle-grade chapter books, young adult books, adult memoirs, and non-fiction books.I love my job and helping other authors achieve their dreams.

My dream, or should I say "GOAL", is to publish my own writing. My lovely agent, Christine Witthohn, is helping to make that GOAL become a REALITY. I'll give you updates when those things happen. 'Cause they will happen. I just know it.

I'm working on making this blog a bit more personalized, so be sure to stop by and see what I've figured out how to do with Blogger! My website needs a total revamp, but you're welcome to visit that as well at

Occasionally, I'll write about the mechanics of writing. Beginning writers think that a story is just that: a story. There's so much more involved with creating a cohesive and well-plotted story than just putting words together to form sentences which form paragraphs which form chapters which eventually form a "book". I'll have posts about the dreaded POV - point of view, for those of you newbies here. I'll talk about scene and sequel, and my favorite of all time: how your setting is a character.

Don't worry. I'll take it slow and let it all sink in for you before I give out a pop quiz.

Naw, just kidding.

At times, I'm hoping one of my character will pop in and take over the blog for a while. I've got two middle-grade series going on right now, and those characters like to have a lot of my attention. I thought if I let them out into the wide internet world, maybe they'd shut up for awhile. We'll see.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you real soon.


Gin said...

Congrats on the new blog, Kris!

I feel like I need to stick a dollar on the wall, restaurant-opening style.


Cassy Pickard said...

Yeah, Kris! I am looking forward to absorbing all I can from you. Having a professional editor offer tips on writing is too good to pass up. I'll be stopping by often.

Unknown said...

Hi Guys!! (Waving like a wild ten-year-old - I'm channeling my characters right now.)

So glad you stopped by. I promise to make this fun and educational!